Real-time, mobile data solutions are becoming the new standard across multiple industries. eMAPSS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that simplifies the transition from paper forms and spreadsheets, delivering mobile forms and real-time Business Intelligence reports to your organization. Electronic forms and dashboards are custom-designed to fit your needs, bringing your business up-to-speed within days rather than years.


"Cloud Computing" is the new buzzword, allowing companies to quickly utilize the latest technology and apps without the technological headaches. eMAPSS combines secure authentication with the speed of cloud computing to deliver instant analytics. Still concerned about your sensitive data existing in the cloud? No problem. eMAPSS can be implemented behind your company's firewall. Use mobile forms and access real-time Business Intelligence reports, but rest easy knowing your data exists securely behind the firewall your company trusts most.


It can take years to develop, test, and implement in-house mobile apps, and big name software providers charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for an all-in-one Mobile Forms and Data Analytics package. Give your IT Department time to focus on other projects, while still cutting costs and increasing efficiency. eMAPSS offers competitive pricing for forms and dashboards design, and real-time KPI reports are accessible for a modest monthly subscription.

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