In early 2014, eMAPSS LLC was founded as a subsidiary of Computing Alternative, Inc. (CAI) dba "Computing Alternatives." Building upon Computing Alternatives' 50+ years of IT experience, eMAPSS LLC was established to deliver information management solutions using the most innovative mobile hardware & software technology of today. In 2015, eMAPSS was tailored to support safety and environmental protection for a leading offshore oil & gas company. Field auditors called the mobile forms implementation and data reporting a Best Practice. In 2016, eMAPSS was deployed as a software as a service (SaaS), for use across multiple industries.


eMAPSS LLC believes in delivering the most efficient technology to all industries for an affordable price, regardless of the size of your organization. We also know that your time is valuable. eMAPSS was therefore designed to: (1) eliminate redundant paperwork, (2) streamline communication, (3) increase awareness of safety and organizational guidelines, and (4) deliver the KPI dashboards your business needs now.


eMAPSS uses the latest mobile hardware and software to deliver real-time, Business Intelligence Reports. Our mobile forms can be filled out using IOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Our software solutions are flexible and uniquely designed to fit your company's requirements. The outcome is an all-in-one information management system, which lets you access and explore "raw" mobile data from the eMAPSS data lake, as well as structured data from the eMAPSS data warehouse. We package together the best mobile hardware and software, so your business is covered from the first step of mobile forms design to the end result of instant, KPI dashboards.

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